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Welcome to the Tommy Coomes Band website!

We're a big group of 12 musicians, a family of artists, who explore and articulate who God is, and we are passionate about Three things:

Creating: We have been making music and records for 20 years and we are not about to stop! We also want to create an environment of excellence to help people worship the One who created them.

Connecting: We are so lucky to be able to connect people from all over the globe in praise and worship. We have been privileged to work in at least 28 countries on 6 continents, singing in 11 languages so far - from stadiums in the USA and the shantytowns of South Africa to the barrios of Bolivia. God wants to connect with all people everywhere through Jesus Christ, and we LOVE to help make that happen.

Serving: For years we have provided the music at Franklin Graham's Festivals for the international relief work of Samaritan's Purse, for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and the Harvest Crusades among many others. We have packed and distributed shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child and we have been the backup band for a wide variety of artists. To call it "serving" might make it sound difficult...but it has been our joy.

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