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The Tommy Coomes Band has recorded 12 albums over the years. We started when I was at Maranatha! Music and produced seven CD's when we were called The Maranatha Praise Band (1989-1996). Two more CDs followed with Integrity Music, (1998-2002) and then two projects for The Billy Graham Evangelical Association. Most recently we released "God So Loved," on our own. (2007).

Each band member has recorded individual projects as well as being featured on hundreds of recordings. Please see each individual's link for more information.
Newest Recording:
God So Loved  - 2007
God So Loved These are the songs we sing at Franklin Graham Festivals. (Yes, we finally recorded "Revival.") It's a combination of new songs, songs we do the Festival Choirs, some fun songs and some intimate reminders of who God is and what He desires of us. Be sure to listen to "God So Loved," "Justified," "Revival," and "The Lord's Prayer."



For The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association:
My Savior's Love (Hymns CD) - 2004
My Saviors Love One of our favorite CD's recorded at Franklin Graham's request.

These are our contemporary arrangements of some of the most meaningful hymns ever written. Some are upbeat and fun and some are prayerful.

Check out "My Savior's Love," "Be Thou My Vision and "Just As I Am" which has a new "B" section written by Bill Batstone and Bob Somma.



The Wonder of Christmas - 2002
The Wonder Of Christmas This may be the band's favorite CD! We recorded this after seven years of live Christmas concerts. Every song is special to us, but be sure to check out "Carol Of The Bells" and "What I Want For Christmas."

On Integrity Music we produced two projects:
My Hope - 2002
My Hope We changed our name again to "The Tommy Coomes Band." (Everyone had a "Praise Band" by this time.)

One of the best CD's we've ever done. It's musically diverse, like us.

The title song 'My Hope" was written by Anne Barbour for Aria Lams during her very long struggle with Leukemia. She is in heaven now, but her testing taught us that God is faithful through all of life - even when we do not see a solution to our trials.

My Hope has been the theme of the worldwide TV project from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. It has been shown in every country in Central and South America, and in Russia and India. It will air this fall in Brazil.

Watch for the Spanish and Portuguese versions of this song coming soon.

Also includes "He Knows My Name" and ten other original songs.

Lift Up His Name - 2000

Lift Up His Name I left Maranatha! music in 1999 and we changed the name of the band to "The Tommy Coomes Praise Band." This was a live album recorded in Oklahoma City at a Chosen Women event. Anne Barbour was the worship leader. (The guys in the band moved to the back line for this one.) Listen to the new version of "Lord I Lift Your Name On High." Bob Somma wrote a bridge for the song and it's still the arrangement we prefer.

Many thanks to John and Susie Kimes for believing in us and making this CD possible. Suzie was the first one to point out the John & Anne Barbour song, "That City" included here. It's a classic song from our band and also available on one of John and Anne's CD's.



We recorded seven albums during those years. Many of the songs are available on iTunes.
Light To The Nations (Praise Band 6) - 1996
Light To The Nations - Praise Band 6 You have to hear "Send Me" and "I Come To The Cross" from this one.

By now, we were very busy doing Harvest Crusades, Billy Graham Crusades, Franklin Graham Festivals and Promise Keepers events.


Live Worship with The Praise Band - 1995
Live Worship We did this one at our friend Bob Shank's Church at the time - South Coast Community Church - Thank you Bob! Included here is the song, "The Lion & The Lamb" by Anne Barbour and Bill Batstone. I learned a great lesson from this song - my lips don't have to be moving for worship to happen. That song makes my heart bow before Almighty God.

Tell The World (Praise Band 5)
Tell The World - Praise Band 5 Marsha Skidmore and Jeff Lams were very close to the epicenter of the Northridge, CA earthquake. It was a reminder that life can suddenly end and getting the message out while we have breath is vitally important. Marsha wrote the title song that same day. We love to do this song with a Gospel Choir. There is an obscure music video of this song floating around somewhere.

"Come, Just As You Are" is still the song we sing for the altar calls at all Franklin Graham Festivals. We've done that in many languages, including Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and Cantonese.

Let The Walls Fall Down (Praise Band 4) - 1993
Let The Walls Fall Down - Praise Band 4 This fourth CD came after three years between CD's. The church and the market couldn't figure out who we were or what we were trying to do. Is this an instrumental group?

"Let The Walls Fall Down" became a crusade theme and our prayer for the church. Don't miss "The Holy Heart" - we used this as the pre-message song for Franklin Graham for several years.


Your Are So Faithful (Praise Band 2) - 1989
You Are So Faithful - Praise Band 2 Lenny LeBlanc wrote the title song. This CD also included "He Is Able" and "I Want To Thank You Lord."


Everlasting (Praise Band 3) - 1990
Everlasting - Praise Band 3 More new songs by Rick Founds, Bill Batstone, Anne Barbour. and others.

We were continuing to develop as a band and as a live ministry.

We were still very part time and local to Southern California.

We started traveling with Franklin Graham in 1991.


Jesus Mighty God (Praise Band) - 1989
Jesus Mighty God - Praise Band 1 We started with an idea, a collection of songs and one CD.

Tommy had found a few new songs that he loved and felt that it was time for a more upbeat, band oriented expression of worship.

His friend Rick Founds had written several great new songs like, "Lord I Lift Your Name On High," and "Jesus Mighty God." Lenny LeBlanc contributed "Come & See" and "Glorify You."

We tried a twelve (12) week experiment with Greg Laurie on Sundays and Mondays - it stuck a responsive chord in Southern California. That turned into doing large events with both Greg Laurie and Franklin Graham.

This was the very first recording of "Lord I Lift Your Name On High" and it was amazing to see that song travel quickly to every continent.

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