Tommy Coomes put together this supergroup of talented solo artists, song writers, and studio musicians in 1989. Each one has their own career and home church but we come together to make a unique sound.

We’re always asked: “Which one is Tommy Coomes?” Lead singer? Guitar hero? Prima ballerina?

Well, Tommy’s band ‘Love Song’ pioneered Christian rock in the 60’s and propelled “The Jesus Movement”. But he’s not singing lead and blowing the guitar solo tonight. He was one of the founders of Maranatha Music, as Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel exploded onto the scene. Tommy produced a lot of records after those early days of revival. Records like Praise Strings could be made to create atmospheres of worship. A great stable of songwriters could provide new songs for a growing church. Putting “church” music on your radio and record player, moved it out of Sunday morning so worship could fill every day of your week.

Then, a long time ago, the Tommy Coomes Band started. It was just a three month experiment for Greg Laurie’s Bible Study. But now, the band is working on their sixteenth record! They may have been the first ones to bring worship music to the stadium. But the band, like Tommy, often remains a well-kept secret. And “well kept” might be generous- they’ve also been called “The World’s Oldest Living Worship Band”!

So which one is Tommy? Well, any of the fabulous singers (Linda, Marsha, Christine, or Alfie) are up front ‘piloting the plane’ tonight. Bob Somma is music director/ navigator and Bill Batstone wrote that last song. John and Anne wrote the next two and our rhythm guys have those jet engines burning.

And Tommy?

Well,Tommy is like that friendly flight attendant- sitting next to you, asking where you’re from— and he wants to talk to you about Jesus. Only later do you realize – you’ve been flying with the pilot, producer, navigator, songwriter CEO of the airline. Who knew?

Well, that’s just how Tommy likes it! And now? He wants you sing along with us!

Tommy Coomes

Guitars, Songwriter, Vocals

He was a pioneer of contemporary Christian music in the 70’s as a member of Love Song, and was the Creative Director at Maranatha! Music in the 80’s and 90’s, producing or executive producing several hundred recordings. Tommy has devoted his life to ministry since 1970: leading the music teams for Franklin Graham, Billy Graham, Promise Keepers, Greg Laurie, and Chosen Women, as well as developing and hosting seminars to train and equip the church in the use of music for worship and evangelism. 

John Barbour

Songwriter, Vocals

Since 1980, John has travelled the world as a soloist and as a member of several bands. Because of his enormous ego, he prefers to be a soloist 😊 He loves all the roles he gets to play in life…singer, songwriter, speaker and worship pastor at his home church. His favorite roles however, are as husband to Anne and father to Evan. He is eternally grateful to Jesus and for His call to a narrow road full of music, travel and good friends.

Anne Barbour

Songwriter, Vocals

Anne Barbour has been active in the area of contemporary worship as a singer and songwriter for 35 years. She has been a guest speaker, teacher and worship leader for many women’s ministries, including Anne Graham Lotz, Jill Briscoe and others. Anne and her husband John travel extensively leading worship and ministering in churches and conference centers. As a duo, they have recorded seven CDs of their own. Anne also has a solo project entitled “The Story of Perfect Love,” designed as a catalyst for personal worship.

When not traveling, Anne writes a blog exploring life with Jesus. Her first book, The Savior Has Come, was published in 2020. Anne lives in Southern California with her husband John.

Bill Batstone

Guitars, Songwriter, Vocals

Bill is a gifted and prolific songwriter and artist whose music is loved worldwide. For over thirty years you have heard his vocal, instrumental and songwriting talents on numerous recordings with a variety of artists, such as Crystal Lewis, Cheri Keaggy, Big Tent Revival, Randy Stonehill, Richie Furay, Maranatha Music worship albums and Promise Keepers.

He has three solo projects: “While The Door Is Open,” “A Little Broken Bread” and “To Every Generation.” Bill is involved regularly in worship services and record productions with Greg Laurie at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside and Irvine, CA in addition to his solo performances. He and his wife Kathy live in Southern California.

. . . and he’s super cool!

Alfie Silas-Durio


Alfie is an accomplished singer who has appeared and recorded with Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Barbra Streisand. She is currently devoting her time exclusively to ministry. Several years ago she joined the ever-popular “Andrae Crouch Singers,” traveling and ministering throughout the world.

Alfie’s Christian recordings include BeBe and CeCe Winans, Carmen, Leon Patillo, Denise Williams, Helen Baylor, First Call and Andrae and Sandra Crouch. She and her husband Michael Durio live in Los Angeles, CA.

Marsha Skidmore

Songwriter, Vocals

Marsha Skidmore has been involved in music ministry for most of her life. She is a gifted soloist, songwriter and worship leader.

She has participated in recordings and live performances alongside artists Fernando Ortega, Tommy Walker, Paul Overstreet, and Paulinho da Costa. Her singing has also included recordings in film and television as well as projects with David Clydesdale and Word Records.

Marsha’s songwriting includes the theme song and vocal recording of “Where Does My Help Come From” for World Vision International in partnership with their Children in Crisis sponsorship ministry. She lives in Bakersfield, California where she is the contemporary worship leader at First Presbyterian Church.

Christine Miller


Christine Miller, born and raised in San Francisco, California, began exhibiting a love for singing and acting at the age of 3. Christine grew up singing music in church, acting in local TV and theater productions and eventually moved to Los Angeles to continue pursuing these passions.

One of her first notable performances was touring with Walt Disney as the voice of “Belle” in Disney’s Symphonic Fantasy international stage production. Since that time, she has made a name for herself as a successful session singer, live vocalist and worship leader, working with international artists such as John Tesh, Bobby Caldwell, Tommy Walker and Andrae Crouch. She’s also performed as one of the voices on Nickelodeon’s “Miss Spider,” the PBS children’s series “Zula Patrol” and Nintendo’s “Donkey Kong” video game.

Her current projects include starring in the just-completed indie film “REVERB” (Riffilms), and a new solo Holiday album (R.M.I. Records) All Is Bright. Christine currently resides in in the Los Angeles area with her husband, Russ.

Bob Somma

Arranger, Guitars, Musical Director

Bob Somma is a professional guitarist, producer and seasoned studio veteran in the Los Angeles area. His credits include commercial television, movie soundtracks and many artists’ projects. Bob is the band’s Musical Director and has produced four of their CD’s. He has been playing guitar and bass in worship bands for the last 30 years, is also an ordained minister. He also consults with several churches helping them develop their musicians and worship teams.

He is married to Paula and lives in Southern California.

Linda McCrary-Fisher


Linda began singing with her family’s gospel group, “The McCrary’s” at the young age of five. In the 1970’s they ministered to young people throughout the United States, worked with Katherine Kuhlman and appeared in the Billy Graham film, “The Lost Generation.” Numerous records and tours followed with Andrae Crouch, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone, Eddie Kendricks, and others.

Linda does vocal arrangements and sings regularly for television shows such as Jamie Fox, Sister Sister, Good News and movies such as The Lion King and recently finished The Book project for the 700 Club. Linda is on staff with worship leader Tommy Walker at Christian Assembly in Los Angeles, California.

Linda and her husband John, live in Los Angeles, CA.

Glen Holmen


“I must be the luckiest man in the world.” So says bass player Glen Holmen. “All I’ve wanted to do is fly around the world, playing music with friends, in God’s service.” 

What an interesting mix of artists he’s worked with: Steve Taylor and Some Band, Rickie Lee Jones, Fernando Ortega, and Beck- as well as recording hundreds of records and films. After meeting his wife Ale in Argentina they’ve been chasing their two boys around their home in Albuquerque NM. 

David Owens


David is a freelance drummer living in the Los Angeles area. He has played with recording artists Thomas Dolby, Peter White, and The Righteous Brothers. He has several movie soundtracks, artist’s albums as well as radio and television credits to his name. In 2000 to 2003, he was the house drummer for the Los Angeles production of The Lion King at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood.

David loves his role as adjunct professor for Worships Arts at Biola University in La Mirada, CA. He gave his life to Christ in 1992 and has played or recorded with many Christian artists including Fernando Ortega, Sara Groves, Bebo Norman, Crystal Lewis, Cheri Keaggy, Tommy Walker, Paul Baloche, and Love Song. He and his wife, Julie live in Whittier, CA.

Gary Verrill


Gary has performed throughout his professional music career in all 50 states and seven continents, most often as music director and pianist / Hammond B-3 player . Founded GaryClaytonEntertainment in 2010, creating and executing original live large scale stage events around the US. 

Mr. Verrill served as consultant to Daniel Lamarre  CEO of Montreal’s Cirque du Soleil,  Microsoft Corp founder Paul Allen ,as well as the pianist & keyboardist for Dr. Billy Graham / Franklin Graham BGEA Worldwide Crusades, in his 50-year career.

He has completed 5 US transcontinental crossings by bicycle participating in the grueling Race Across America. 3071 miles non – stop in a record setting effort from La-Ny in 1986 in 10, days 5 hours 27 minutes , which included 180,000 vertical feet of climbing. Gary currently resides in Washington State with his wife Signe, where they own and operate near Seattle.